Monday, October 15, 2012

My dear Loyal Husband...

I thought I was kind
Until I met you
Who has seen my ugliest side
But stay with me true

I thought I was sweet
Until I found you
Who quietly clean the house,
When I was sleeping, oblivious of you

I thought I was patient,
Until I knew you
Who calmly handles a child’s tantrum,
A hug with compassion, is the best tool.

I thought I was smart
Until I conversed with you
With your good brain and quick mind,
I raise the white flag, surrendering to u

I thought I was humble
Until I befriended you
Who helps without been asked
And hides your strength too

I thought I was complete
Until I marry you
Who showed me that two is better than one,
InshaAllah I’m forever loyal to you =]

- To dear husband, from your ‘pretty at certain angle’s’ wifey

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